Infrared Saunas

Indoor Saunas

If you prefer lower temperatures but with body-penetrating heat, far-infrared sauna may be your best sauna choice. In a far-infrared sauna, the heat waves penetrate the body to effectively heat the body and raise the body core temperature. To achieve this increased temperature, Far-infrared emitters create infrared energy which is close to the same wavelength as that which the body naturally emits—often referred to as the “Vital Range” of 7 to 14 microns), so the energy is well received by the body.

Custom InfraSauna

The InfraSauna™ by Finnleo® is the ultimate sauna–a blending of our Traditional Finnish Saunas with our CarbonFlex® Infrared Technology.

Infrared S-Series

The exclusive Evenheat system includes oversized heating panels that ensure infrared waves warm every part of your body evenly.

Infrared B-Series

Pure Infra saunas include trimodal lighting systems, with soft diffuse valance lighting, ceiling reading lights and color light therapy.